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Sushania Pryce

This was my third summer coming to Maine but it was the first with CCI. This summer I can safely say, it was very different from the other two.

Not only did I work two jobs but I also found the time to volunteer as a member of CCI Greenheart Club. In deed my summer ‘took flight’ this year. I was excited to work at Federal Jacks but I think I was even more excited to volunteer! I had a wonderful time working at Federal Jacks and met some wonderful people who were very interested in my country and culture as I was in theirs. I taught them how to speak the Jamaican Creole as well as educating them on our unique dishes which some of them had the opportunity to taste.

Many of them were surprised when I told them that English was our first language. I was even able to volunteer with my manager at an annual event that Feds always sponsors. Truly I had an amazing time working there. My volunteer experience at the Louis T Graves Memorial library was just as wonderful. Once a week I’d go to the library to help out some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met in Kennebunkport.

I felt truly welcomed and anticipated each Wednesday afternoon. They were so kind to me and made me feel welcomed. It was delightful to talk to them about where I came from and what I loved to eat. I told them about my country’s national dish, ackee and salt fish and they researched it on the internet as they had never heard of it before. I never felt like an outsider and enjoyed every minute being there. I honestly had an amazing time this summer. From working two jobs, volunteering, meeting new people, sharing my culture as well as learning more about the American culture.


Adrian Wallace

I chose to do the program with SWAT because of the convenient location, great customer service and their prompt response to our queries. I chose to do the Work & Travel Program because it makes you more open to people from other cultural backgrounds!


Samana Thomas

I worked at the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Van Buren, Missouri from the 17th of May to the 4th of September 2012 with owners Priscilla and Jeff Wacaster. I found my experience to be one to be cherished for a lifetime. I felt like I was a part of their family and they showed a genuine interest in every area of my life and our conversations were not always work related as they asked about school and life back in Jamaica which was expected since it is essentially a cultural interchange programme.

I also got hands on view of life in that town. We went floating; a weekly activity for them and also went to art exhibits and ate at restaurants that are deemed original and or unique to Missouri. Also learnt a bit of American history by stories my boss and co workers told about growing up. Overall it was truly av worthwhile opportunity.


The SWAT staff are an accountable group of people. They always made themselves available to answer my questions no matter how many times I asked. Prompt response was always given to my emails. It was my first time travelling and in my opinion they made the process of applying for my visa and getting ready to leave the island so easy to understand. I felt prepared leaving just because of the seminars and all the advice that was given to me by them.

Thanks guys!!