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Why SWAT: [Why Should I Take Part In The SWAT Experience]

To Experience Alternative Ways Of Life Through Cultural Exchange

SWAT was designed to enlighten students about the various cultures around the world and therefore offers an experience that will open up your mind to different ways of life that will inspire your creative thinking.

To Build Your Social Network By Making New Friends With People All Over The World

The Students’ Work and Travel programme offers you the opportunity to make friends and connect with people, including other university students from all over the world. A global network of friends can certainly be beneficial to anyone and may be most valuable to you in your professional life after you have completed your studies.

You Get To Internationalize Your Resume

When you are applying for your next job, you are able to put as your previous employer, a foreign country. This is beneficial in that this shows you have the ability to deal with people from different cultures and the flexibility to adapt to a new environment and handle the transition of settling in another country. This could help you in your future desire to acquire a job abroad after the completion of your degree or in future attempts to attain your visitors’ visa.

Our Sponsors

S.W.A.T currently partners with three Sponsors:

CHI was founded in 1980 by Tom and Lilka Areton and located in Chicago.

CCI Greenheart is division of non profit green heart international and was founded in 1985.

SPIRIT was founded in 2002, and is member of the Alliance for international exchange.



Sushania Pryce

This was my third summer coming to Maine, but it was the first with CCI. This Summer ..

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Adrian Wallace

I choose to do the program with SWAT becuase of the convenient location, great customer service.

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Samanna Thomas

I worked at the Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in the van Buren Missouri from 17th of May

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