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Sushania Pryce

This was my third summer coming to Maine, but it was the first with CCI. This Summer ..

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Adrian Wallace

I choose to do the program with SWAT becuase of the convenient location, great customer service.

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Samanna Thomas

I worked at the Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in the van Buren Missouri from 17th of May

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Welcome to our Buisness:

The Students’ Work & Travel Programme (SWAT) was developed by Mark Foster who was a beneficiary of a Work and Travel Programme and have shared the wonderful and enlightening experience of learning about the cultures, languages and customs of other countries through international education and work exchange programs. SWAT was henceforth established as a collective effort to provide the most affordable opportunity for university students to embark on an adventure to experience life and culture in the US, earn money and internationalize their résumés.


Types Of Jobs

Jobs : Entail,Cashering,Life Guard,Waiter/Waitressing, Themepark Jobs(Ride Attendant,Park Attendant,Games,Foods),House Keeping

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Documents Required

All the forms listed below show be completed and submitted (these forms will be made accessible)

School Status Letter and School ID

Email Resume (Excluding Self-Placed Applicants)

Two Passport size photos (already covered in your program fee)

Passport (ensure passport does not expire before March 2017)

Transcript or Progress Report (Must be stamped by school)

Fees Payable (JN A/C# 2094345275 Swat Productions Ltd)

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Our Sponsors

S.W.A.T currently partners with three Sponsors:

CHI was founded in 1980 by Tom and Lilka Areton and located in Chicago.

CCI Greenheart is division of non profit green heart international and was founded in 1985.

SPIRIT was founded in 2002, and is member of the Alliance for international exchange.